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Education for Youth

Syria faces the unthinkable – a generation of children denied of their right to education and traumatized by a savage war. The fate of a country is in the hands of these children. They are burdened with responsibility. The responsibility to rebuild…

Civil Protection

Syria is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War – mass displacement, famine, water shortages, and disease outbreaks are now the norm. The post-war reconstruction process will be unprecedented – infrastructure has been…

Women Empowerment through Media

Ensuring that Syrian women have the right to live in dignity and contribute to the future of their country is at the heart of ASML/Syria’s commitment. Women are underrepresented and underestimated in Syria. They are the key to a prosperous future…

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Our small NGO under the fire of the Russian propaganda machine

After the American Democratic Party, and the campaign team of Emmanuel Macron, it is our small NGO ASML / Syria that finds itself in the crosshairs of Russian propaganda. It is therefore a great honor for us to know that our modest project to support Syrian civil society is

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Syrian women are active participants of political resistance

Photo credit: SMART Agency
On June 11 , women protested in Maaret al-Numan (Idleb Governorate) against the extremists of the Front Haeat Tahrer al-Sham, a group linked to al-Nusra (formerly affiliated with al-Qaeda).
On June 8, the front launched an attack against the free army to take control of

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“Surrender or Die. Besieged areas in Syria”

The hardship of Syrian besieged areas transported to the European Parliament!
From May 8 to May 12 2017, ASML/Syria co-organized an event at the European Parliament, showcasing photos and 360° movies of life under siege in Syria. The aim was to bring up the issue of siege in

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