360° Documentary “The White Helmets“ On Aleppo, Now On Samsung VR Platform

ASML/Syria is proud to announce that The White Helmets, a 360° documentary co-produced by VICE Media and the SMART News Agency, is now available on Samsung VR, the world’s leading Virtual Reality platform. All the images were shot by the SMART News Agency, a close partner that ASML helped establish and supported since their creation in 2013. Since then, ASML/Syria have helped SMART News Agency retain its status as the most prominent independent Syrian news agency operating inside the country.


Watch « The White Helmets » on Samsung VR platform


The documentary takes viewers inside Aleppo to see how the White Helmets risk their lives to help civilians. The “White Helmets”, also known as the Syrian civil defense, are the only volunteer rescue team currently operating on-the-ground in Aleppo.


For more than a year, the Syrian and Russian governments have imposed an extremely violent siege on the city. They have violated international law with their indiscriminate bombing campaign in Eastern Aleppo where 250,000 remain trapped. The vast majority of casualties in Aleppo have been killed as a result of this joint campaign which has left Eastern Aleppo without any functioning hospitals. Civilians are being targeted, even when they attempt to escape the relentless bombing.


ASML/Syria consider it a duty to inform and engage a global audience on this reality. The world must act now.


The White Helmets is part of the Beyond the Frame series, produced by Vice and Samsung. This series aims to provide an unprecedented look at how virtual reality is shifting journalism by bringing viewers into the story.


“As virtual reality becomes more prevalent in journalism, we looked into how the technology is changing the way we experience the news. What is the new role of the reporter when the viewer can experience the event for themselves? Can journalism be more objective when there is no frame and viewers can see everything?”
Trent Rohner, Viceland Creative Director


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Watch Viceland’s series « Beyond the Frame »