Our Mission

Established by Syrians and for Syrians, ASML/Syria pioneer media solutions to the humanitarian and social consequences of the conflict. On the short term, we are determined to alleviate the immediate suffering of the population, while building the pluralistic foundation for a peaceful and democratic future.

We believe in the power of information to mobilise audiences across the world to build a better future. Whether it be a simple news piece or an award-winning film, ASML/Syria help Syrians produce media which inspires people to act.

In order to succeed, we ensure we’re always innovative: we work with the most talented Syrians to help them create informative, engaging, and impactful media in collaboration with local organizations from across the spectrum of civil society.

Inclusive: we believe that everyone has a stake in the Syrian crisis. Audiences, both international and Syrian, must be informed, engaged, and motivated to act.

Community-led: we appreciate the power of civil society to create change. We amplify and empower grassroots voices to strengthen transparency and accountability.

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