FM Towers

FM Towers

In mid-2012, ASML/Syria began directing part of its support towards radio stations. At the time we had identified 28 radio stations set up since 2011, some with high quality and daily production.


These stations were showing much promise, however they were only able to broadcast on the Internet. With the Internet blackout and the recurring electricity cuts the population based inside the country was unable to listen to them. They were failing to reach a domestic audience. And none of these radio stations had the technical expertise, on-the-ground networks, or financial resources to overcome the heavy challenges to broadcasting FM within a war-torn region.


To address this, ASML/Syria worked with SMART to develop its own nation FM broadcasting facilities. After months of preparation, we launched our FM broadcasting platform on March 2013. It has been broadcasting partner radio stations ever since.


FM is a very crucial way to disseminate information, as the waves fly over frontlines and checkpoints and can reach besieged areas. Furthermore, programs broadcast on FM can be listened to in both opposition and regime-controlled areas.

Since its launch, our FM broadcasting platform aired the following stations.

Currently, only radio Hawa SMART is broadcasted on ASML/Syria’s FM platform.