VR Advocacy

ASML/Syria produces impactful advocacy videos using Virtual Reality (VR) technology (360° videos). VR creates a more vivid, intense and emotive experience. Removing the screen that separate the viewer from the story, VR put the viewer on scene and bridges the emotional disconnect.

By transporting the viewer inside Syria, the videos we produce increase empathy with ordinary Syrians – the key to effective advocacy.

Four movies produced
4 international movie prizes received
Selected to 23 movie festivals
Screened in 14 countries including at United Nations and European Parliament

One of the world’s oldest city and for many years the heart of the Syrian economy, Aleppo is now ravaged by war. This immersive footage was shot with the Syrian Civil Defense teams of Aleppo, the unarmed volunteers performing search and rescue also known as “White Helmets”. This video is an insight on their every-day struggle and a visit through the devastated city.

The film includes include interviews with White Helmets as well as scenes of bombings and the rescue of those trapped in the rubble.

Nobel’s Nightmare was selected to 16 international movie festival, won 4 prizes and was shown during major events, such as the United Nations General Assembly (2016), and the European Parliament (2017).

The film was produced in cooperation with SMART News Agency.

“In their Press Vests” brings insights into the everyday risks that journalists face in conflict zones and especially in Syria and advocate for their safety. The video was premiered for Word Press Freedom Day and shown simultaneously in Bruxelles, Belgium and in Helsinki, Finland on May 2nd 2016.

The film was produced in cooperation with the SMART News Agency and the UNESCO.

“Doctors under Fire” transports the viewer in Syria in the daily life of Syrian medical workers. These people have heroically made the decision to stay in their country to save lives despite the great danger they are facing. In 2016, the World Health Organization documented 126 attacks on hospitals. The UOSSM recorded the death of 732 medical workers between March  2011 and August 2017.

The film was directed by the SMART News Agency and co-produced by ASML/Syria and the UOSSM.

“Syria, the Battle for the North” transports the viewer to Jisr al-Shughur, Syria, to experience the tragedy first hand.
This is the first movie shot in a war zone with virtual reality technology. The viewer is immersed in the disaster from which so many have fled. The viewer can see for him/herself the living conditions the migrants are escaping.

The film was produced in cooperation with the SMART News Agency and Okio Report.

Syria the battle for the North was selected for 7 international movie festivals.

NOBEL’s Nightmare

Best Shorts Competition La Jolla, USA March 2016 Award of Merit: Liberation / Social Justice / Protest

New Media Film Festival

Los Angeles, USA June 2016  Winner of Virtual Reality Category
IndieFest Film Awards La Jolla, USA
May 2016

Award of Recognition: Liberation / Social Justice / Protest

Awareness Festival

Los Angeles, USA 6-16 October 2016 Award of Merit

The movie was also selected to 6 more festivals

IndieWise Virtual Festival Miami

August 2016

FIVARS Toronto, Canada

September 16-18

Underground FIlm Festival

Munich, Germany September 30th
Prix Bayeux Bayeux France 3-9 October 2016
Screen 4 All

Paris, France

October 2016

Feel the Reel International Film Festival

Glasgow, UK

November 2016

Prix Bayeux Bayeux October 2015

Syria: the battle for the North, ASML/Syria’s first VR film was shown at a number of festivals.

FIVARS Totonto, Canada September 16-18 2015
Prix Bayeux Bayeux, France October 2015
Tous écrans Geneva, Switzerland November 4-12 2015
Le forum des images Paris, France November 14-22 2015
Arles Arles, France July 4-9 2016
VRlab à Sunny Side


June 2016

Asian Side of the Doc Bangkok October 2016

ASML/Syria’s VR films were shown at major events across the world throughout the year:

Event at the Arab World Institute
Paris, France

April 1 2016
World Press Freedom Day Helsinki, Finland May 2-4 2016
Difference Day Bruxelles, Belgium May 2nd 2016

Humanitarian Summit

Istanbul, Turkey May 23-24 2016
European Development Days Bruxelles, Belgium June 15-16 2016
Global Editors Network Vienna, Austria June 15-17 2016
Syrian Cultural festival, « Syrien n’est fait »
Paris, France

July 21-23 2016
Conference on the role of Syrian journalists in the crisis, organized by Skeyes.
Beirut, Lebanon

August 15-16 2016
Aleppo Through the Eyes of its Heroic Citizens, UN General Assembly week, event co-hosted by the Dutch and Italian ministries of foreign affairs New York, USA September 22 2016
Shoes Pyramid in three cities organized by Handicap International with ASML/Syria 360° images Paris, Lyon and Nice France September 24 2016
Safety of Journalists and Ending Impunity, hosted by the Permanent Mission of to the UN and organized with the UNESCO. UN Headquarters, New York, USA October 27 2016
Event at the Arab World Institute Paris, France March 2017
“Surrender or Die: Besieged Areas in Syria” event at the European Parliament. Bruxelles, Belgium May 2017