Ayny Anyak : a new blogging platform for and by Syrian women

2018 has arrived, and ASML/Syria is most pleased to share with you its new web platform Ayny Aynak / My eye is your eye !




The blogger Haneen al-Sayyid


Ayny Aynak is a blog that brings together the contributions of Syrian women – whether written, audio, or visual. There, they bear witness of the various realities from within their regions in Syria. 14 Syrian women living in opposition areas, in Idleb, Aleppo, or Damascus (Eastern Ghouta) have already taken part in this project. Others will soon be joining them !






These female writers approach issues that receive little attention in mainstream media and give voices to the women’s testimonies. They also inform on general matters and daily life under wartime and share their strategies on how to overcome these challenges. Electricity, fuel, raising prices, failing or missing public services… a wide array of essential topics are discussed. They also make room for local figures, interviews ranging from leaders  in  civil society to  the handcrafting industry. Beyond these aspiring journalists, the blog has additional guests that are experienced Syrian reporters sharing their working conditions and experience as female journalists.


The Human Rights defender Widad Rahhal interviewed by the blogger Yamama al-Asaad – Idleb





Contributors are all women between their twenties and forties. They have been selected from amongst the pool of 53 women newly trained in the basics of journalism by our teams. Following the training, they were provided with materials to continue developing their skills. This project grants them a platform for expression, allowing them to raise issues and themes that matter to them, while completing their training and preparing to work with local media outlets. As well as a collective space for expression, the blog is thus a tool for continued training for aspiring journalists  who previously were university students, teachers, public servants, or housewives





The blog is produced and managed by ASML/Syria. It was made possible thanks to your support through the July crowdfunding campaign that raised the 10 000€ needed to successfully carry out the project. We thank you for your generous support !


You can find the content produced by all participants on the following links:





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