Impact of the covid-19 pandemic on Syrians

Impact of the covid-19 pandemic on Syrians : An analysis by Syrian civil society


#HalfOfSyria has released a comprehensive briefing on the critical challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to Syrians, as reported by Syrian civil society organisations. These challenges have been collated following extensive interviews with the teams of member and partner organisations working in the field in various sectors: health, child care, education, women’s empowerment, media and culture, research, human rights and accountability, relief and social services, and local governance.

This comprehensive briefing also include concrete recommendations formulated by the Syrian civil society.


The #HalfOfSyria campaign is supported by We Exist!. It aims to highlight the mass forced displacement of Syrians. Over half of Syria’s population has been forced to leave their homes. They are living as refugees or as outsiders inside their own country.


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