Impact of the covid-19 pandemic on Syrians

Impact of the covid-19 pandemic on Syrians : An analysis by Syrian civil society   #HalfOfSyria has released a comprehensive briefing on the critical challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to Syrians, as reported by Syrian civil society organisations. These challenges have been collated following extensive interviews with the teams of member and partner organisations working […]

Becoming a female journalist in Syria

Women Empowerment Through Media  For almost 3 years, we have implemented a training and professional development programme for aspiring female journalists in Syria. It consists of a comprehensive journalism course (writing, audio and video), as well as study modules related to women’s role in the context of war, women’s rights, gender equality, etc. It aims […]

Support to independents journalists in Syria

  Being an independent journalist in Syria Being an independent journalist in Syria is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Among the closest to the front lines, journalists risk their lives constantly to document events, while being targeted by the regime and extremist armed groups for giving a voice to civilians and […]

Syrien N’est Fait 2019 – 4th edition

The 4th edition of socially engaged art festival Syrien N’est Fait was held in Paris from July 31st to August 4th 2019. This year Syrien N’est Fait returned to Les Grands Voisins, but also to four new venues in Paris hosting exhibitions and DJ sets. Once again, an impressive crowd of Parisians from all backgrounds […]

Detention Survivors…Tortured both in Prison Cells and by Society

As part of the campaign Survivors, or not yet : Article from Hibr – Aya Serhan – 20/04/2019   “Isn’t it enough that I married you even though you were detained?” Salma says that her arguments with her husband often ended with this cruel remark. She was arrested when she was 19 years old by […]

Dignity lost behind those many question marks

As part of the campaign Survivors, or not yet : Article from Zaytoun – Yasmin Mohammad – 19/04/2019   My name is Lubna, 32 years old. I work as a school teacher and, as they proclaimed upon my arrest at a government security branch in Aleppo, I smuggled and traded weapons. Although the arrest lasted only […]

A Hellish Return : Imprisoned by ISIS, shunned by society

As part of the campaign Survivors, or not yet : Article from Ayny Aynak — Ayah Mohammad – 15/04/2019   There was no happy ending for the citizens of Raqqa after ISIS was defeated and withdrew its forces from the area: the occupation’s effects still linger, casting their shadows over people’s lives. The worst affected are […]

I Witnessed My Husband’s Wedding

As part of the campaign Survivors, or not yet : Article from Ayny Aynak – Yamama Assaad – 09/10/2018   The Syrian regime forces did not hesitate to attack or arrest women, whatever their circumstances, in order to quash the Syrian opposition and the popular movement. Although Jamila was four months pregnant, this did not […]

“Survivors or not yet” Campaign

Syrian media are mobilized on the topic of women former detainees and their difficult reintegration into the society. During a 6 weeks campaign from April 15th till May 30th, 16 Syrian media bring attention on this unknown topic. This campaign is initiated by the platform Ayny Aynak, media of expression for Syrian women, supported by […]

Rita Khalil : a young Syrian women trained to journalism

” I was detained for two years in the Syrian Regime’s jails, but I do not have words to describe these places. I used to dream of a colorful world, that would compensate me for all my sorrows, but the social reactions towards the women who survived detention turned out to be very disappointing and ungrateful. […]

Financial barriers hindering humanitarian aid in Syria : which news?

In April 2018, in collaboration with three other French-Syrian NGOs (CODSSY, Women Now and INS), we published the report “Is Help Allowed? How French financial institutions hinder humanitarian action in Syria”. This report was denouncing how financial institutions refuse their services to humanitarian organisations working in Syria in order to avoid their monitoring obligations.   […]

Interview of the Syrian journalist Bilal Srewel

Bilal Srewel is a Syrian journalist who was arrested on Thursday November 8th in the streets of Afrin by members of Sultan Murad, a Turkish back-up armed militia. He was detained for 72 hours and was violently tortured before being released. His only crime: taking photos.    Through our project “Journalists in Danger”, we will […]

Launch of the project “Journalists in Danger”

ASML/Syria is proud to announce the launch of its newest project: Journalists in Danger. The project intends to provide injured Syrian journalists with medical and financial support to help them recover and work again.   We help in three ways: providing medical care (surgeries, medicine, rehabilitation, prostheses, etc); financial support to journalists and their family […]

Journalism training for women in Raqqa

Our latest training workshop for women has just finished in Syria. This time, the workshop was taking place in the city of Raqqa, former ISIS stronghold.   Implementing our project in this region represents a lot to us. Symbolically, this project is very meaningful, taking place in a region where women were completely silenced for […]

Syrien N’est Fait#3 – 2018 Edition

Syrien N’est Fait returned from the 1st to the 5th of August for its third edition at Les Grands Voisins (Paris-14th district) to highlight the Syrian artistic and cultural scene in Europe. More than 4,000 people came to enjoy the 5-day festival, attending various performances, exhibitions and debates by more than 20 artists and 15 […]

Open Letter of 28 Franco-Syrian associations

Following the publication of the report ” Is Help Allowed? How French financial institutions hinder humanitarian action in Syria “, initiated by ASML/Syria and carried out in partnership with 3 other associations (Syrian Network for Relief and Development (CODSSY), INS / Syria and Women Now for Development), 28 associations of the Syrian diaspora in France […]

Report – «Is Help Allowed? How French financial institutions hinder humanitarian action in Syria »

Will humanitarian associations still be allowed to provide assistance to the Syrian civilian population?   Since 2014, humanitarian action in Syria has been severely hampered by the strengthening of the fight against the funding of terrorism. To avoid any problem with the authorities, the banks and payment organizations use the excuse of the strict precautionary […]

Ayny Anyak : a new blogging platform for and by Syrian women

2018 has arrived, and ASML/Syria is most pleased to share with you its new web platform Ayny Aynak / My eye is your eye !     INSIDER COVERAGE   Ayny Aynak is a blog that brings together the contributions of Syrian women – whether written, audio, or visual. There, they bear witness of the […]

Sourya, a Spark in the Dark

By Armand Hurault, Director of ASML/Syria   Sourya is more than a piece of art, it’s an illuminating spark. As readers we look into the gaze of Syrian civilians who have decided to arm themselves with their cameras and pens. This photo-album event brings together 27 reporters who document and archive the life of their […]

Our small NGO under the fire of the Russian propaganda machine

After the American Democratic Party, and the campaign team of Emmanuel Macron, it is our small NGO ASML / Syria that finds itself in the crosshairs of Russian propaganda. It is therefore a great honor for us to know that our modest project to support

Syrian women are active participants of political resistance

Photo credit: SMART Agency   On June 11 , women protested in Maaret al-Numan (Idleb Governorate) against the extremists of the Front Haeat Tahrer al-Sham, a group linked to al-Nusra (formerly affiliated with al-Qaeda).   On June 8, the front launched an attack against the free army to take control of Maarat al-Numan. In response, […]

“Surrender or Die. Besieged areas in Syria”

From May 8 to May 12 2017, ASML/Syria co-organized an event at the European Parliament, showcasing photos and 360° movies of life under siege in Syria. The aim was to bring up the issue of siege in Syria, and particularly the unacceptable living conditions in besieged areas.

360° Documentary “The White Helmets“ On Aleppo, Now On Samsung VR Platform

ASML/Syria is proud to announce that The White Helmets, a 360° documentary co-produced by VICE Media and the SMART News Agency, is now available on Samsung VR, the world’s leading Virtual Reality platform. All the images were shot by the SMART News Agency, a close partner that ASML helped establish and supported since their creation in 2013. […]

ASML/Syria support Handicap International’s campaign against the Bombing of Civilians

ASML participated in the awareness campaign against the mass bombing of civilians through Virtual Reality (VR) at the Shoe Pyramid events organized in France by Handicap International on September 24th 2016. In Paris, Lyon and Nice, ASML offered a 360°

UN General Assembly – the Diplomats Transported into Aleppo

ASML have produced an immersive film revealing the everyday life of the population in Aleppo for Aleppo through the Eyes of its Heroic Citizens, an event organized by the Dutch and the Italian missions at the United Nations in New York. Ministers and diplomats attending the meeting were given a sense of what life is really like […]