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Our actions

We were there at the beginning. We worked with the first citizen journalists and helped them in all ways we could. We gave them equipment, training, the ability to achieve their aspirations.

The facts...

We provided and financed 320 internet hotspots, 300 cameras, 170 satellite phones, 600 hours of training to citizen journalists in 10 provinces. We supported Syrian journalists on their perilous journey. As the war raged on, we were inside Syria establishing FM networks, printing centres, video production hubs.

We set up FM towers covering 70% of the territory, printed and distributed +1,000,000 magazines copies and helped establish 17 magazines, 4 radio stations, a major news agency, and a video production hub gaining worldwide attention. Always at the forefront. We run ambitious campaigns which address the issues the matter to ordinary Syrians today. Listening to the voices on-the-ground, we identify what needs to be done and make it happen.

We work with everyone who shares our ambition to reduce the impact of the conflict on civilians – not only journalists, but lawyers, doctors, aid workers, local council staff, teachers, rescue workers, and many more.