Sourya Photo Album

Sourya Photo Album




Support the New Generation of Independent Syrian Photo-Reporters


A gift of both art and information (bilingual French/English), each page, each photo, each legend of Sourya immortalizes the lives of Syrian citizens.


With 70 unpublished photos captured by 27 independent Syrian photographers, this book shifts the lens away from fighting and diplomatic issues to focus on civilians. It looks at those whose reality of war affects every aspect of everyday life, offering a unique insight into their lives. How do Syrian citizens protect themselves from bombing? How are they moving despite the shortage of gas? What do these men, women and children live on every day? These photos address topics rarely covered in the media.


Sourya was born thanks to the courageous work of Syrian citizens who have become seasoned reporters over the last 6 years. The 27 photographers in the album were architects, nurses, law students or IT professionals before the beginning of the war. Supported in particular by the association ASML/Syria and the independent Syrian news agency SMART News Agency, they have been trained in journalism techniques and equiped from within the country. They now represent the new generation of independent Syrian journalists.


All proceeds from Sourya will support the work of independent Syrian journalists; providing equipment to local media, organizing training sessions, or supporting the development of independent journalism.

Credits for the commercial pictures of the album: Sandra Nicolle Bracho


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