Sourya Photo Album

Sourya Photo Album




Support the New Generation of Independent Syrian Photojournalists


In 70 unpublished photos captured by 27 independent Syrian photographers, Sourya reveals a different vantage point on the war in Syria; the gritty, everyday business of living.


Long after the cameras have left for the next battle, ordinary people face extreme hardships in order to keep their community alive, give their children a future, and maintain basic dignity. Tiny feats of heroism take place every day, by those who refuse to succumb to hopelessness despite unthinkable destruction and suffering. Their names usually go unpublished and their stories are forgotten. And yet, the future of Syria rests on their resilience.


A gift of both art and information (bilingual French/English), each page, each photo, each legend of Sourya immortalizes the lives of Syrian citizens.


Sourya was born thanks to the courageous work of Syrian citizens who have become intrepid, experienced reporters over the last 7 years. The 27 photographers in the album were architects, nurses, law students or IT professionals before the war, having answered a call to serve as witnesses. Supported by ASML/Syria and SMART News Agency, they have been trained in journalism techniques and equipped from within Syrian civil society itself. They now represent the new generation of independent Syrian journalists.


All proceeds from the sale of Sourya directly support our project “Journalists in Danger” which helps injured Syrian journalists on their path to recovery.


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