Sourya Photo Album

Sourya Photo Album



A unique gift under your Christmas tree


Sourya is no ordinary photo album. An object of art, information, and sharing, in French and English, every page, every photo, every legend immortalizes the life of Syrian citizens whose daily reality rarely crosses the boundaries of traditional media.


How to redesign millennium-old troglodyte dwellings? How to make fuel for a city deprived of gasoline? Where to find water in a devastated country? Since the beginning of the conflict, Syrian citizens have learned to be imaginative and developed extraordinary ingenuity in order to survive on a daily basis. Embedded in the privacy of civil society, Sourya highlights the work of 27 Syrian journalists still living in the country through 70 unpublished photographs.


This album showcases the work of a new generation of local journalists who were destined for very different careers, but retrained themselves as the conflict evolved.


All proceeds from Sourya will support the work of independent Syrian journalists; providing equipment to local media, organizing training sessions, or supporting the development of independent journalism.


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