International Advocacy

Conveying Syrian society’s voices to the forums where decisions are made


Our international advocacy program brings our knowledge of the field and media expertise to the attention of decision-makers and the wider public. We power innovative media tools that are exposing the realities of war in Syria to the European audience, as against the information spread by traditional and official media.


In addition to our programs targeted towards women, youth, and civilians at large, 2016 was the year ASML/Syria embarked on a broad extension of its international advocacy strategy to reach the world’s most important decision-makers. In a beleaguered country, isolated in many ways, our conviction is that the footage recorded across Syria by our networks of journalists should reach the forums where policies and strategies are crafted.


By conveying the work of Syrian journalists, we aim to promote a different perspective on the war: one grounded in the practical realities of war, away from traditional representations depicted in mainstream media.


Promote a democratic, viable, and fair political environment in Syria, which protects civilians, and is conducive to a free and independent press:

  • Engage national, European and international decision-makers toward commitment to a comprehensive plan that will establish sustainable solutions for Syria.
  • Send a clear message on the need for all parties to ensure unhindered humanitarian access to all areas inside Syria and to end attacks on civilian populated areas, hospitals, homes and schools.
  • Ensure that Syrian civil society has a central voice in the political process, transition, and reconstruction stages.
  • Raise awareness towards the European audience on the consequences of the war on the press, and the dangerous and deadly working conditions of Syrian journalists.
  • Encourage interactions and cooperation between European and Syrian journalists and artists.


Direct advocacy strategies: We showcase up-to-date, compelling and reliable content through innovative mediums within European and international organizations.
Production of virtual reality films: Our three critically-acclaimed and award-winning VR films on the Syrian situation attracted a worldwide audience.
Broad awareness-raising campaigns: We project the Syrian reality to the wider public, including through exhibitions, conferences, screenings, and concerts.


  • Our videos and photographs have attracted worldwide attention and reached key decision makers such as Secretary of State John Kerry and MEPs.
  • We ventured into Virtual Reality technology, a more immersive and emotive experience that triggers empathy, the key to effective advocacy.